Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coming back


So last week a few of you may have gotten a notification that I wrote a new blog post! And then you read a post that was from 2010...

I've been messing with this blog, changing the template, changing this and that, and deleted a bunch of old posts. I guess in the deleting of old posts it notified followers that I wrote a new post? Lies, all lies. But I am rebooting this old blog.

Part of me wanted to have a completely fresh start. Wipe the slate clean, have a new blog, have a new title, clean out all the old stuff, etc. I've been writing for two years on my Peace Corps blog while this blog sat untouched, and now I'm wanting to start something new. But I suppose as much as I'd love a fresh start, there are parts of me in some of these old posts that I'm not ready to delete. I mean, how are you supposed to measure growth if you have nothing to compare your current growth to?

So this is me giving a shout-out to all of my followers (the few, the loyal) to let you know that I am indeed going to be writing on this blog again! Things are just still in process.

And my Peace Corps blog still exists, it's over at 27 Months in Peru, and Back Home Again

More later!